Volkswagen New Brand Design 
Creating the the imagery style (look and feel) and being part of developing the visual concept for Volkswagen.
My job was creating the imagery style (look&feel) considering all Volkswagen range of cars across all medias.

The project was in cooperation between many agencies with Volkswagen:
MetaDesign, KMS, DDB/Voltage, G&P, SinnerSchrader, Sapient Razorfish, Blackspace, Schmidhuber, S12.

Credits (for Imagery style only): 
Brand: Volkswagen | Agency: Voltage - DDB Berlin, Account: Sarah Bensel, Larissa Braun | Art Direction: Mahmoud Fathy, Lilli Langenheim | Photographer: Uwe Düttmann | Cameraman: Severin Renke, Thomas Ternes | Stylist: Christiane Graf | Postproduction: Digitales Leben

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