Volkswagen New Brand Design 
Creating the the imagery style (look and feel) and being part of developing the visual concept for Volkswagen in Europe and China.
My job was creating the imagery style (look&feel) considering all Volkswagen range of cars across all medias.

The project was in cooperation between many agencies with Volkswagen:
MetaDesign, KMS, DDB/Voltage, G&P, SinnerSchrader, Sapient Razorfish, Blackspace, Schmidhuber, S12.

Credits (for Imagery style only): 
Brand: Volkswagen | Agency: Voltage - DDB Berlin, Account: Sarah Bensel, Larissa Braun | Art Direction: Mahmoud Fathy, Lilli Langenheim, Sally Anderson, Siuming Leung, Olaf Schroeter | Photographer: Uwe Düttmann | Cameraman: Severin Renke, Thomas Ternes, Jonas Umland | Stylist: Christiane Graf | Postproduction: Digitales Leben

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