Mahmoud Fathy
Head of Design & Visualist based in Berlin
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mahmoud, I work as Head of Design at DDB Berlin with Volkswagen as the main client. 
I have more than six years experience in Automotive advertising industry with creating individual look and feel for each car considering the brand tonality and the target group.
I was born in Kuwait from Egyptian parents. At the age of seven, we moved back to Cairo. I studied scenography and graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts from Helwan University in Cairo. My career started in Cairo first in branding, then in advertising. In 2011, I moved to Berlin where I have further developed my career in advertising. Through that I was able to gain experience in different markets in MENA and Europe gathering the knowledge from two different points of views.
I love to work across different medias with different partners and making things looks pretty.
What else? I like traveling, photography, typography, retro design, history and I can tell many useless funny facts and stories.