Mahmoud Fathy
Visual Creative & Art Director based in Berlin
My name is Mahmoud Fathy, I am Visual Creative and Art Director based in Berlin with 15 years of experience between the branding and advertising fields. 
I was born in Kuwait from Egyptian parents. At the age of seven, we moved back to Cairo. I studied scenography and graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts from Helwan University in Cairo. 
My career started in Cairo first in branding, then in advertising. In 2011, I moved to Berlin where I have further developed my career in advertising. I'm currently working in advertising as Head of Design at DDB Berlin.
My main focus at work is creating and developing the look and feel for each different product considering the brand tonality, target group, zeitgeist, social and ecological responsible. 
I am capable in keeping a good overview and moderating intermediate steps that's why I am managing the realisation through all the production processes goal-oriented.
Due my position I could proudly manage any project with any budget values, in a high standard results without losing the efficiency. I could also manage and work with a small team internally and externally with many different agencies. 
Within my career, I could work on many projects from MENA region to Europe, South America, and China. I have more than 8 years of experience with the Automotive industry which combining between product, technicalities, lifestyle, and fashion.